Impact Evaluation  

We measure your impact using quantitative and qualitative methods.

Our impact evaluations help our clientele in measuring the true outcomes of their programs and maximizing effectiveness by comparing competing approaches. We help our clientele in incorporating the feedback into the programs and policy development process to put learning into action.

We conduct experimental and quasi-experimental impact evaluations using quantitative research methods, to test hypothesis and understand the impact of specific interventions. We also integrate qualitative methods approach, to provide context and answer questions of how and why.

Performance Evaluation 

We evaluate your activities outcomes and impact to improve performance

We provide a full range of evaluation services that measure the processes, performance and impacts of global development projects. We produce rigorous evaluations with a focus on providing useful information for accountability and decision making. Our evaluations will help clients understand what works, what doesn’t work and how programs or projects can be reshaped to ensure that projects deliver the greatest impact and are in line with the project schedule agreed on at inception.

We use a variety of designs in performance evaluations from longitudinal designs to participatory approaches.  Our team will ensure that a wide variety of methods are employed including surveys, focus groups, social network analysis and participatory rural appraisal techniques. We lay emphasize on local participation, organizational skill development and usefulness of the evaluation to inform decision-making.