After the project is implemented, there is obviously a need to understand if the key objectives were achieved and how effectively.
Most organizations face several challenges in their efforts to grow and consolidate a competitive edge in their operations.
Dynamic Duo Consultancies has several years of Monitoring & Evaluation experience, with a pool of consultants that have taken part in a large array of projects and trainings in Africa.


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Development of up-to date evaluation and training solutions which are relevant to the selected case scenarios. We conduct trainings both in-house and on-site training as well as offer different types of project evaluation.
We aim at creating, promoting and fostering individual and organizational capacity through hands on training. This is made possible through enhancement of staff skills and knowledge with high quality training and professional development.
We believe in Humanity integrity and quality. We value teamwork and have respect for a variety of cultures as we have clients on the global arena with different beliefs and practices. Our goal is to ensure that industry standards are maintained and we ensure that people are accountable for their actions.